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Proposition 21 (2020): Rental Affordability Act

This proposition would “allow California’s cities and and counties to develop and implement rent control policies that ensure renters can find and afford rental housing in their jurisdictions”. It would “improve the quality of life for millions of Californians who face critical housing challenges and homelessness” and “stem the tide of evictions and displacement affecting communities across California”. It would also “allow a city, county, or city and county to exercise any local law controlling the rental rates for residential property provide that it had been at least 15 years since the property had received its certificate of occupancy” and “allow local laws to control rental rates following a vacancy while allowing a landlord to increase the rental rates on a vacated unit by no more than 15% over the subsequent 3 years in addition to any other increase allowed under a local ordinance”. Finally, this proposition would “exempt owners of one or two residential dwellings from any local rental control law”.

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Current Status: Will be voted on by California voters during the November 3rd General Election

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Updated: August 27 2020