Our Services

A list of all current services IVTU has to offer.

Please contact us if there are questions about a service not listed below.

LRC & IVTU Appointments

Book an online appointment via Zoom, Skype, Facetime, or phone consultation to receive assistance on housing, or provide legal education and information.


Navigate information about tenant-related issues regarding COVID-19, such as eviction, unemployment, financial relief, and more!

Tenant Guide

A guide for residential tenants in California. Learn about the basics in leasing, as well as a tenant’s and landlord’s rights and responsibilities.

House Hygiene

A guide on how to handle and remove mold from your home and methods to reduce pathogens and other microbial organisms.

Landlord Relations

Tips and letter templates to mainatin a written record to assert one’s rights and protect oneself gainst landlord retaliation. These DO NOT substitute for legal advice.


Small Claims

Learn about small claims court and how to resolve a dispute out of court. Navigate small claims’ documents and understand when to pursue small claims suits.


Mediation Program

A free program to resolve housing disputes/issues between tenants/landlords, roommates, or even neighbors, safely, fairly, and economically.

Tenant FAQ

Frequently asked questions about applications, habitability, subleasing, roommate problems, rent increase, moving out, evictions, and more!