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Open Letter

JUNE 2020

In light of possible changes to service and personnel at AS Legal Resource Center, the LRC Student Unit Director and IVTU Chair wrote a joint statement of solidarity and concern as an open letter to elected and University officials.

COVID-19 Fund

APRIL 2020

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, IVTU created an Emergency Fund for UCSB students to provide up to $300 in relief per individual for unexpected costs related to temporary housing, storage, and moving. Thus far, IVTU has been able to conditionally approve $55,800 in additional funding costs, helping over 186 students in need.

UC Student Strike

March 2020

Rate My Rental

March 2020

IVTU stands in solidarity with and in support of the striking graduate students at UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, and other COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) movements across the UC System.

A project in development by IVTU was featured in a Daily Nexus article. Rate My IV Rental will be a rental review website for IV tenants to evaluate both their rental property and their landlord.

Legal Suit


Over 40 former tenants sued the Isla Vista Luxury Living property management company over security deposit disputes and bad faith claims, winning back nearly $15,000 in wrongful charges.


AB 15: Tenant Stabilization Act of 2021

This bill would extend many of the protections afforded tenants during the COVID-19 Crisis by the COVID-19 Tenant Relief Act of 2020, of which many provisions are set to expire after January 31st, 2021. This bill also includes new protections to ban the use of unpaid rent due to COVID-19 as a factor in determining credit score and increase the time required for notification of eviction in mobile home parks, among other provisions.
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