IVTU Board, 2020-2021:


Alex Young, Chair
Major: Political Science & Global Studies
Hometown: Danville, California
Favorite IV Restaurant: California Tacos & Taproom
About Me: I joined IVTU at the end of my first year because I saw the sheer power that landlords had in Isla Vista and wanted to help tenants get organized, educated, and powerful. I love IV because its a place where I can do all of my favorite things: read on the beach, hang out, watch movies and cook with friends and hike.


Sabina Menzhausen, Vice Chair & Chair of Internal Admin Ad Hoc Committee
Major: Biopsychology, Minor: Poverty, Inequality, and Social Justice
Hometown: San Diego, California
Favorite IV Restaurant: Freebirds and Bagel Cafe
About Me: I am in IVTU because I am passionate about social justice and protecting the rights of our community. In my free time I enjoy baking, doing yoga, and watching Netflix. After college, I want to apply to law school and continue working in the field of advocacy!


Maia Surendra, Outreach Director & Chair of Education Ad Hoc Committee
Major: Political Science & Sociology
Hometown: Croton on Hudson, New York
Favorite IV Restaurant: Bagel Cafe
About Me: I decided to join because I think that IVTU does really important work in the Isla Vista community by providing wonderful resources to tenants. I am passionate about activism and would love to do something related to the law after college. Some activities that I enjoy are ice skating, reading, traveling, and visiting museums!


Lea Toubian, Legal Director & Chair of Advocacy Ad Hoc Committee
Major: , Minor:
Favorite IV Restaurant:
About Me:


Wei Wei, Finance Director
Major: Financial Math and Statistics
Hometown: China
Favorite IV Restaurant: Caje
About Me: I live in Isla Vista because I really like the vibe in IV! I like to go to the gym and riding motorcycles.


Crystal Leung, Marketing Director
Major: Communications
Hometown: Irvine,  California
Favorite IV Restaurant: Caje
About Me: I joined the IVTU after I witnessed tenants being treated unfairly by landlords in Isla Vista, and I hope to inform others about the housing resources available for them. I enjoy painting, dancing and traveling, and I hope to pursue my passion for helping others in my future career!


Jennifer Vizzuett, Human Resources Director
Major: , Minor:
Favorite IV Restaurant:
About Me:


Adam Thompson, Community Resident Director
Major: Physiology, Minor: Poverty, Inequality, and Social Justice
Hometown: Gilroy, California
Favorite IV Restaurant: Buddha Bowls
About Me: I’m in IVTU so that I can make a positive difference in the beautiful, diverse community of Isla Vista. A few things about me are that I like to coach high school waterpolo in the summers with my old high school coach, I’m terrible at math, and I am born on Christmas. After college I plan to become a Physicians Assistant.


Elie Klatsky-Gamer, SBCC Relations Director
Major: Art History, Minor: Italian
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Favorite IV Restaurant: Bagel Cafe
About Me: I joined IVTU when I saw the opportunity to connect resources to students and join a team working for fair living in Isla Vista. I like to be outside, playing sports or in the water. Last year I got to study in Italy and now I’m minoring in Italian!


Mark Beeson, Technology Director
Major: Communications
Hometown: Stow, Ohio
Favorite IV Restaurant: Sushiya
About Me: I’m in IVTU because I believe it’s very important as a community, especially a primarily student ran community, to stand up for our rights as tenants. After college I would love to start my own business. In my free time I love to play golf, manage my personal investment portfolios, play video games, meditate, and the list goes on!


Roo Cash, EVPLA Resident & Housing Coordinator
Major: Political Science, Minor: Labor Studies
Hometown: San Diego, California
Favorite IV Restaurant: Blaze Pizza
About Me: I am the EVPLA office’s Housing and Resident Director and will be serving as the liaison on the behalf of the office. I am excited to help IV residents and advocate for tenant rights.


Humberto Rico, IVCRC Representative
Major: Political Science & History
Hometown: Bakersfield, California
Favorite IV Restaurant: Super Cucas
About Me: I joined IVTU because I wanted to contribute more to the Isla Vista community. My goal is to go to law school and hopefully work in the public sector.I also love soccer. My favorite team is Atletico Madrid.


Hayley Slater, AS Senate Liaison
Major: Political Science
Hometown: Gilroy, California
Favorite IV Restaurant: Caje and Hana Kitchen
About Me: I joined IVTU due to the stressful and confusing experiences I have had with Isla Vista housing and was motivated to help support advocacy and change when it comes to the rights we have as tenants. I have a huge passion for the law and helping others and love to get involved as much as I can. I am a member of the Delta Gamma sorority and my favorite thing to do in IV is watch the sunset from my balcony with my friends. 


Jackson Tofft, AS Senate Liaison
Major: , Minor:
Favorite IV Restaurant:
About Me:


IVTU Staff:

Robin Unander, Caseworker
Hometown: Santa Barbara, California
Favorite IV Restaurant: Freebirds
About Me: I am an advocate at heart, and enjoy using my education to help level the landlord/tenant playing field to create more equality for tenants. I’m a first generation college graduate who understood early on the power of education. I live in Santa Barbara with my family and a menagerie of dogs, cats, fish, lizard, hamster, bunnies and a Crawfish.


Rodney Gould, Advisor
Favorite IV Restaurant:
About Me:



What can we do for students?:

  • Answer tenants’ legal questions and provide counseling in collaboration with the UCSB Legal Resource Center
  • Organize on and off campus events for tenants
  • Collaborate with other AS and BCU groups on campaigns
  • Advocate on behalf of tenants to ensure preservation of their rights
  • Educate tenants on their rights
  • Develop and provide resources for tenants
  • Support tenants and our community

What Other Committees are IVTU Representatives currently working with?:

  • Office of External Vice President of Local Affairs of Associated Students
  • IV Foot Patrol
  • IV Teen Center
  • IV Co-op
  • IV Community Relations Committee
  • IV Public Safety Commission
  • AS Commission on Student Well-Being
  • Pardall Center Governance Board
  • UCSB Legal Resource Center
  • UCSB AS Senate


Updated: June 2020