Eviction FAQ

 Am I still entitled to a “pre-move out inspection” if I am being evicted?

No, if you are being evicted you are not entitled to a pre-move-out inspection.

If I’m evicted, am I still responsible for the rent?

  • Yes. If you violate the terms of your lease in such a way as to justify a decision to evict you and if the process of eviction follows mandated guidelines, you may still be held responsible for paying the rent.
  • You’ll continue to be responsible for the rent until someone else takes over your contractual obligations.
  • You may also be held responsible for paying any other costs (advertising the vacancy, additional cleaning costs, etc.) that the owner or manager may feel resulted directly from your eviction.

Do evictions work in the same way with month-to-month agreements as with leases?

  • In order to terminate a Month-to-Month Contract, an owner or manager needs only to inform a tenant that s/he must vacate the premises within 30 days.
  • The law does not require that an owner or manager give the tenant any reason for this action.
  • Tenants have the same freedom.
  • A tenant who signs a contract is legally obligated to pay the full amount of rent throughout the specified period, even if s/he moves out.
  • Under a Month-to-Month Agreement, a tenant needs only to give the owner or manager 30 days notice of his/her intention
  • If you do not follow the lease terms, a landlord can evict you with the same procedure mentioned above.